Costa Rica bird watching is among the best of the World, considered to be a paradise for the most demanding birder. Find on this page all the information that you may need to design a fantastic bird watching tour.

Costa Rica, one of the best places to go bird watching in the World: Costa Rica, in its small size, happens to be one of the best places in the World to do birdwatching. With more than 900 species, our country offers a great variety, in safety and smaller distances, with stunning rainforests and fantastic volcanoes that accompany this growing popular activity.

Costa Rica is a paradise for photographers and birdwatchers.

And it is quite easy to understand why, not only there are 904 species among residents, and migratory in a tiny place, but Costa Rica bird watching is made as easy as can be with a great network of fantastic rainforest lodges and protected areas in national parks and reserves.

For many birdwatchers, tropical birdwatching can be the ultimate challenge. It can be difficult not only because of the diversity of the targets but also because of the remoteness of some of the locations.
However in Costa Rica bird watching is set with fantastic facilities, creating comfortable spaces to enjoy birding.

Another reason that makes Costa Rica bird watching superb is the diversity of life systems that are in a small driving range: Mangroves, wet and cloud rainforests, highlands, and different seasons and migratory habits within the country.

It also offers some of the well-known musts in targets, like the Three-Wattled Bell Bird, Bared-Necked Umbrellabird, and the unbelievable Resplendent Quetzal.

And on top of it all, Costa Rica bird watching can get to be so much easier and fun as we have some the most professional birders as tour guides.

Find here a list of regions, hotels, and tours where you can enjoy the Costa Rica bird watching in a most satisfactory way.

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