All visitors arriving in Costa Rica require a passport valid for more than six months. Citizens of some countries also require a visa to enter the country, so please check ahead before traveling. Camino Travel also recommends you to carry, additional to your passport, another proof of citizenship with a photo ID (for example, your driver’s license). Adults entering the country are permitted 500 g. of tobacco, 5 litres of duty free wine or spirits, and 2 kg of candies or dainties.

The Costa Rican government forbids incomers to bring fresh fruits & vegetables, plants and live animals without official permission. The departure tax costs USD $29 per person, and shall be paid in cash inside the airport the day of departure. Camino Travel recommends you to: travel light when possible; prepare your travel documents with enough anticipation, photocopy your passport (it will help your embassy in case of loss or theft), and a small backpack for daily walks in the forests & beaches.