A couple of weeks ago we went on a site inspection of two great attractions in the area of Guanacaste: Bebedero River and Cortes Waterfalls, it was a great day and this is a fantastic tour! Totally worth the time and a vacation day dedicated to it!

Cortes waterfalls

The day started early; we went out of the San Jose City traffic jams and noises and through the Panamerican Highway all the way to the Pacific Coast region.

There were some other passengers, Tannia, from our sister company Premio DMC and myself, looking for a good tour to share with my readers on the blog. Our conversation went up and down, and we barely noticed that we were already in the gorgeous Guanacaste province.

It’s kinda’ interesting. If it is the sunny season you notice the area as soon as you get there, as it is usually dry and brownish. However in this time of the year, every single tiny corner of Costa Rica is so green is hard to notice the change. 

We stopped for breakfast at a fantastic little place: Cafe y Macadamias. (Coffee and Macadamias). A restaurant and bakery where they create wonders with macadamias, but it is as well, part of an orchid exporting place, and the orchids that are shown in this little corner of Earth are simply magnificent! 

After we had passed the initial surprise for the beautiful garden, they served us breakfast… Amazing! I mean look at it:

BreakfastThis is probably one of the best breakfasts I have had in my life… and I have enjoyed breakfast at Marriott Los Sueños! Not only it was abundant! It was delicious! Eggs, Gallo Pinto (Costa Rican Fried rice and beans), ripe avocado, homemade butter, hams and salamis, homemade bread… not one, but different types, pastries, different types of cheese, and several fruits. So good!

Bebedero River

As we arrive in the area of Bebedero River, the first, after such a lofty breakfast was the bio-stop. Clean and nice. No complaints.

We had a fruit juice, they gave us a bottle of water and went on the boat, coming down a universal access sort of ramp.

The boat was pretty big and quite comfortable.

Our captain started the engines, and off we were! The landscape is magnificent! And there is a lot of wildlife to see: Iguanas, crocodiles and all sorts of different aquatic birds!

We glided by the river for almost two hours, all the way to the Palo Verde National Park. The animals are fantastic… yes! But I must say that what I enjoyed the most was how comfortable and relaxed this ride on the boat was.

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I could have stayed there for a complete day!

As soon as we finished the boat ride a delicious typical Costa Rican rice and chicken was waiting for us… Delicious!

Llanos de Cortes Waterfalls

As soon as we finished lunch, we hopped back on the van and drove to our next stop: The “Cataratas de Llanos de Cortés” (Llanos de Cortés Waterfalls).

We arrived at the parking lot of the place and walked down a paved trail all the way to the river, the forest and the waterfalls.

Ahhh! I am looking for the words to describe the magnificence of this place… And no. There aren’t. The only accurate words that I can find to describe this magical place is that this is exactly what you imagine of a waterfall in the rainforest is! 

All green in the surroundings, tall rocks, white water, and a transparent pond underneath where you can enjoy a swim in warm, sweet waters.

I can also see myself staying there for the whole day, sitting on the sand, reading a book, or simply contemplating the surrounding nature.

And then… We drove back to San José, relaxed and happy.

In Conclusion

This is a tour that can be done from any hotel in Guanacaste. It is a great chance to see a completely luscious Guanacaste any time of year. And it is a fantastic opportunity to simply relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.

And if you are at a hotel in Guanacaste it will include a Liberia highlights and shopping!

As travel agents we get to do these activities, yes, we are lucky! However, this is precisely the reason why it is a good idea to go for a local expert when designing your trip to Costa Rica. 

So, ask our travel consultants about this tour… and don’t miss it if you are in Guanacaste! It is so beautiful, so easy to do and so relaxing!