The Art City Tour is a great opportunity for those in San Jose city! It is a night at the museums… for free. You get to get into all San José museums and galleries, not only for free, but there is also free transportation between them! Today is the first edition of the year, however, if you are coming to San Jose in the next months find out what is the Art City Tour, how it is done and how to participate in it through this article!



It is a magical night in San Jose City, as you walk on its streets you will notice more people than usual, a lot of young people walking by, excited and happy, Walking through parks, plazas, and museums. All museums are filled with excitement. The Art City Tour in San Jose started around five years ago and it is still a source of creativity and thrilling sensations.

A bit on the Art City Tour in San José

Regarding San Jose, Costa Ricans have, historically mixed feelings about the city, as it has been for decades already known to be a chaotic and ugly city, however in the last few years, through its local governemt, the city has done tremendous efforts to create artistic, entertainment and nice environments throughout the whole year and in several different areas of the city.

And this is why the Art City Tour is endorsed under the slogan “Por Amor a Chepe”, which literally means; “For love to Chepe”, Chepe is a casual word used by Costarricans to refer to those named José, and because this event takes part in San José City, the slogan is for its cultural name; Chepe.

We must say that their efforts have certainly succeeded and as time passes by the city not only looks much better but! There are events almost daily that create amazing experiences for locals and visitors.

How to go to the Art City Tour

The Art City tour allows all of its participants to go into guided (Or not) night tours of museums, galleries, design stores, cultural centers, and historic buildings in the capital. All of this in the areas of Otoya, Amón, La Sabana and Los Yoses.

On top of all this fantastic opportunity, you get free transportation between museums and galleries. Supported by several companies of all kinds, the Art City Tour puts several buses for you and all participants to go from side to side of the city, visiting museums, art galleries, and all sorts of original exhibitions.

According to the GAM Cultural ( the transportation is offered in the following way;

Modality in Bus

Dynamics of the routes in bus

  1. 17:00 hrs: Open the seven start points are enabled, and access is free.
  2. 17:30 hrs: Start the tours in the bus.
  3. The buses circulate between the spaces from 17:30 and until 20:45 hrs.
  4. The routes are closed circuits and constant by the areas that integrate each course during the whole schedule from 17:30 to 20:45 hrs.

Schedules to consider:

  • 20:45 hrs is the last bus on each of the routes.
  • 20:30 hrs the National Museum and the Museums of the Central Bank will close their doors.

Art City Tour

Art City Tour Facebook

Where to get, where to go?

For convenience choose the closest point to your hotel, they have enabled seven options:

  1. Museum of Contemporary Art and Design
  2. National Museum
  3. Jade Museum and pre-Columbian culture
  4. Calderón Guardia Museum
  5. Museums of the Central Bank
  6. National Gallery, Children’s Museum
  7. Museum of Costa Rican Art (East Sabana)

Five Routes, 17 spaces to discover

NOTE: The Art City Tour is a free and highly visited program, for this reason, and with the clear objective of providing an experience as pleasant as possible, we recommend to register your assistance through your Camino Travel Consultant 

This record will allow them to calculate the transport units required for the different exit points according to the demand and allows the waiting time between the routes to be as small as possible.

Biking Option or Chepecletas

You can also do it by bike, with the people of Chepecletas, starting at 7:00 p.m. Please contact your travel consultant for more information on this option and check the video below to see how they do it!


Today, February 9th, 2017:

The Contemporary Art and Design Museum, The Costa Rica National Museum, the Calderón Guardia Museum and the Center for National Culture of the Ministry of Culture and Youth are part of the cultural offer of the first Art City Tour

Art City Tour

Photo by from Facebook Art City Tour.

For this particular Art City Tour, the featured attraction is at the Contemporary Art and Design Museum will present an exhibition of the twelve oldest stores in the San Jose downtown, businesses that have belonged to the same Costa Rican families for generations; among these: La Gloria Store, Lehmann Library, Scaglietti Tailor Shop, among others. For Costa Ricans, these are, more than stores, a tradition to pass from parents to children.

The Calderón Guardia Museum will be contributing a selection of paintings and artworks from different artists, among them the collection “Musas” by Fernando Carballo, and photography exhibits by Eduardo Libby.

Following Dates

The next Art City Tour will be on March 9th, 2017.

In general, it is done in the second week fo the following months: April, June, August, October and December. However, please check with your travel consultant to see your itinerary dates


Written by: Olga Sáenz-Carbonell for, 09, February 2017. If you have any doubts or comments, please write to


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