Distance from San José

From (Sierpe) 280 Km (174 Miles) from San Jose  to (San Vito) 270 Km (168 MIles) from San Jose

Great for:

Anyone who likes to get off the beaten path. Nature Lovers. Photographers. Birdwatchers.

The South Pacific is one of Costa Rica’s wettest regions. Experiencing around 508cms/200inches of rainfall per year, its humid conditions are the perfect environment for the flourishing of deep and prolific rainforests. As such, this area offers some of the best wildlife spotting opportunities in the country.

  • The South Pacific offers much more than just rainforest. Home to some of the most extensive mangroves in Central America, its coast is filled with estuaries that preserve an unimaginable number of species.
  • Gorgeous beaches offering world-class surf can also be found along the shoreline, featuring splendid sunset views.
  • This part of Costa Rica allows travellers to experience the rugged exploration of the wild. Scarcely populated, the total lack of large tourist resorts in the South Pacific is a welcome break from the hustle-and-bustle of other more frequented regions.
  • Some of the main natural attractions that the South Pacific offers include La Amistad International Park (shared with Panama) and Corcovado National Park, one of the crown jewels of Costa Rica’s national park system. The biodiversity in these primary forests is outstanding and will certainly leave visitors agape.

Sunny season from November to May

Rainy season from June to October.

Usually, in the rainy season it only rains in the afternoons.

Hotels in the South Pacific