These are seven things that we take the time to point out and create some perspective on different aspects that are part of this magnificent touristic destination

7: Social Culture

One of the most important things when it comes to travelling to a foreign country that you barely know is the treatment of the native people towards travellers. Having in mind that the treatment may vary based on the set of meanings, habits, values and behaviours that commonly defines groups of people or communities of the same country.

costa rica beach and people

Through the years of development of the tourism industry in Costa Rica, a reputation of its people and their treatment has been built up and spread through different references from tourists around the world after visiting our country or the well-known Ex-pats who decided spend their lives in this natural universe within this small country. It is a fact that this is a children-friendly country, but even apart from that, it is easy for any traveller to immediately notice how nice the Costa Rican people can be and the effort that most of the people do to make the visitors feel comfortable.

It is a common understanding not only fulfilling the needs of the visitors to keep the business up and running but the initiative of going far and beyond that defines this cultural breeding ground.


6: Success Story 

If we talk about the success story of Costa Rica as a country, it is necessary to go back to 1948 civil war. After that, the army was abolished a year later, then through the years, a solid democracy was consolidated ruled by elected governments with very low abstentionism rates.  

After abolishing the army and strengthening of many civil rights, the national budget gave the chance to offer a better lifestyle, relatively high education levels and a solid security system as well.

Also granting many social safeguards taken in consideration by many travellers before deciding to spend their vacations in Costa Rica.

These things also helped the country receiving huge benefits from foreign direct investment, on top of that the country has many social achievements, life expectancy is considerably higher than in comparable countries, infant and child mortality rates are significantly lower due to a very good public medicine.

These changes are the image of steady economic expansion which has a significant influence, and it guarantees the growth of the tourism business.

5: Perseverance of Nature

The natural richness of the country is probably the reason number one for everyone to come over on vacations.

It is a fact that Costa Rica is one of the most biodiverse places on earth, Costa Rica`s shelter the 5% of the biodiversity of our planet in a country, that is 0.03% of the land in the world.It is true that our country has unique eco-systems and tourists will always have the chance to admire a portion of this plentiful natural world but also have direct contact with it; It is also true that our country has unique eco-systems and tourists will always have the chance to admire a portion of this plentiful natural world but also have direct contact with it; some travellers even come specifically to contribute and persevere shapes of natural life along with their trip through volunteering.

But probably what makes it richer is the fact that Costa Rica is making a quite unique effort to keep its nature and has raised its forest coverture to 52% in the last twenty-five years. (In the eighties it was almost gone). 


4: Ecologic exposure

As pointed before, Costa Rica is part of the most biodiverse countries in the world.

Its geographical location in the tropics which forms a bridge between two continental masses. The mountainous system, which involves several and diverse microclimates, there are so many shapes of life, some tourist seek to observe some popular mammals in their natural environment, don’t be surprised if you have to stop by the road to help a sloth to get to the other side of the road, or if a monkey wakes you up early in the morning jumping on the tree next to your room, the idea of most people looking for natural beauty is to be immersed on the exposure of animals on their specific natural background, and this can be easily accomplished in Costa Rica.


You may also be interested in Escape to Costa Rica, a documentary create by Gaia Vince

3: The importance of sustainability 

We all know the meaning of sustainability, in general terms, the endurance of a system or process.

But, Do we understand how relevant it is?

The truth is that sustainability implies proactive movements to reduce the negative impact of the use of resources, it is important to take it seriously and wisely invest in the long-term priorities, and consequences of how resources are used, as the lack of knowledge of resources and its significance, leads to its misuse, massive majority of Costa Rica’s electricity generation is acquired from renewable sources.

Sustainability of the country is a work that includes everyone, from the elementary schools to the highest positions in business or politics sustainability is already part of our education and culture. And we believe that it is our task to transmit and create awareness of how important it is, just remembering that sustainability is about our progenies and our grandchildren, and the conditions of the world they will inherit.

Workshop for the Certificate of Sustainable Travel given in Camino Travel office.

2: The impression of Pura Vida 

Every person from outside, visiting the country for the first time, will notice that there’s a phrase overused by the Costa Ricans, applied in several different contexts and for some, its definition is not that clear.

The expression “Pura Vida” meaning “pure life”, is the main way to express or show the devotion of a modest nation, it can be used to ask “How are you?” and is equivalent to “very well” too, but for the inhabitants of this small country there is a deeper interpretation, the simplicity of good living, attachment to simplicity (In the good sense), exuberance, freedom, welfare, affection, and positivity associated with the art of appreciating the simple and natural way of life, the art of living.

If there is something you will feel in the air as soon as you arrive and the more you travel the more you feel it, is Pura Vida, not only an expression but a one of a kind lifestyle.

Typical Dancers in Transitarte

Typical Dancers in San Jose Art Festival

1: The illusion of time 

We are all aware of the measure of time, is permanently present, moving on, always advancing, it has duration and seems to be the universal context through which all events proceed.

Have you ever felt that time flies when you are having fun?, How often do you check the clock`s time when you are receiving a class that you consider boring?

Some researchers seem to believe that is the excitement of actively pursuing a goal what causes us to perceive that time advances faster;

Are we giving a false meaning to the present moment? Could it mean that our vacation time goes faster than it should regardless the efforts we can make to trick our minds?

If the time is not a concern, some believe you can play with your perception. What if your present is so magnificent that you will not have to worry about anything else?

If it is possible then,  regardless of your location or whether you are on vacations or not. However, if it’s about being surrounded by vast beauty or being immersed in an outstanding and breathtaking place that will help you forget or stop worrying about getting waking up early at a certain hour to take advantage of our vacation time, then it would be definitely worth to give it a try, regardless how many days you have to discover a place.

If you visit Costa Rica you will have a uncountable amount of opportunities to put this into practice, an unforgettable experience that will eventually push you to be alert to make every second of your life high-quality time.


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