Parque Morazan is one of the most popular spaces in San José city. It is not only a peaceful plaza but a center for young people and art festivals.




Staying in San José, sometimes can be a burden for some people, basically because you come to Costa Rica to see nature right? However, sometimes it just happens that because of itinerary reasons, flight schedule or simple cultural curiosity, one or two nights are spent in the city So, here at Camino Travel, we decided to make this stay in our main town as nice as possible following the series of “What to do in San José”

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Parque Morazán is in the heart of the city, on 5th Ave and 5 St. you will recognize because of its green lawns and its beautiful gazebo in the middle (Called The Temple of Music and created for bands to play every Sunday. They still do, now and then).

It is surrounded by a short wall and has four entrances, one per side and has at least six monuments to historical Latin American and Costa Rican characters.

There are two main gates though: On the East side, coming from the National Park and the Contemporary Art Museum you will find, at the very entrance a statue of the “Libertador” Simón Bolivar, the Latin American Independence hero.

On the West gate, you will find a beautiful sculpture created by Olger Villegas-Cruz and called “El Beso” (The Kiss)

Once you enter you will see it has several monuments, busts and sculptures, and of course the Temple of Music in the middle of it.

The Temple of Music was created in 1920 and has been used for several purposes, Nowadays is a popular setting for young dancers, musicians, and acrobats. As well as for all sorts of art activities of the city itself. There are two very popular festivals that are enjoyed using this gazebo, and the park:

Transitarte (Once a year, is an art festival where you can find all sorts of art manifestations in the main parks of the city) and Enamorate de Tu Ciudad (Fall in love with your city, an activity that takes place every Saturday with sports, games, yoga, workshops and more in the Morazan Park and the nearby Spain Park) every second Saturday.


As walk through the park, you will find eight more monuments to ex-presidents, heroes of Latin America, poets, and writers.


Nowadays in the Morazan Park there is an exhibit of “Giant Butterflies” created by Natura By Urbana. Thirty butterflies created by Costa Rican artists and painted in the most beautiful and original ways have taken the space of the Temple of Music:

When you come to San José, this exhibit may be gone, but usually in the city there are all sorts of art activities, and open spaces for dancing, scultpures, music, acrobats, and theater.

And in your hotel you will find a little booklet called GAM, in that booklet, you will find what’s on. Or even easier, ask your Camino Travel Consultant what’s on San Jose on your travel dates and they may be able to tell you!