The long wait is nearly over for the neighbors of Monteverde and the hundreds of tourists that visit this cloud forest reserve.




The National Roadways Council (CONAVI) signed two weeks ago the contract with Grupo Orosi to pave the 18 kilometers (11.2 miles) of road between Guacimal and Santa Elena on the way to Monteverde. The cost of this work is of close to $10 million dollars according to information provided by the Management of Construction of roads and bridges office and involves the paving of the road, the building of holding walls, slope protection, road signs, and protection systems for road security.

 For many years now (close to a decade), the different government institutions have promised to fix this road, but it’s never happened. CONAVI states that this time it will finally be done as it is being done through direct contracting. The road should be finished by the end of 2018.

Danny Ramírez, President of the Monteverde Tourism Chamber, commented: “There are many tour agencies that don’t mention Monteverde because of the bad state of the road which generates damages to their tour buses; this puts us at a competitive disadvantage because the cost of transportation is also higher”.

Many choose to access Monteverde through the Tilarán route or Las Juntas de Abangares, which are also in bad conditions, but fixing the access through the Interamericana Norte road should increase the visitation to the area, especially by national tourists and tourists coming in cruise ships to Puntarenas.


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