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Costa Rica is one of the five “Blue Zones” of the world, what does that mean? That Costa Rica is among the geographic regions with greater longevity in the world.

In the Nicoya Peninsula, the communities of; Hojancha, Santa Cruz, Nandayure, Carrillo, and Nicoya make up the area with greater longevity in Latin America.

As is common in these cases, there are experts on the subject who study the area to learn more about the secrets of the Nicoyans. As the Ministry of Health of Costa Rica said: “Lives lived outside the realm of sophisticated economies and technologies.”

Sunset in Palo Verde

Sunset in Palo Verde in the Blue Zone

During November, the Blue Zone Global Meeting will be held.  Where health experts will share experiences and information from these regions. Nicoya currently has 865 individuals with 90, 41 over 100, and experiences a 10% lower mortality rate than in the rest of Costa Rica.

The other four blue zones in the world are Sardinia in Italy, Loma Linda in the United States, Icaria in Greece and Okinawa in Japan.

From 16 to 18 November the experts will discuss aspects of lifestyles and communities in the discussion forum.

The Ministry of Health of Costa Rica intends to analyze the lifestyle of facilities and other factors of the population to verify data with the rest of the country population to use this data and increase health and longevity in other areas.

 “Health is produced, health is a social composition. It is an inter-agency work,”

Said Virginia Deputy Health Minister Virginia Murillo.

“We have concentrated our efforts and resources in attacking diseases, with this population growth of long life, we must rethink the strategy, promote and encourage health at all levels,”

He added.

Experts discovered that the elderly in the blue zone regions have a good quality of life, are mobile, have a strong sense of spirituality and community, as well as rich foods and diverse traditions.


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