2. Their protein diet was supplements by eating fruits, seeds, nuts, bulbs and roots. In the summer months, the men wore loin clothes made of deerskin, grass, or fibers of bark. If the men wore anything at all in the warm summer weather, it was a simple piece of deerskin around their hips. Konkow comes from the Anglicization of their word for "meadowland." Nisenan comes […] Online Indian jewelry Includes bonus ink-friendly version! The Maidus didn't wear long headdresses like the Sioux . The Maidu TribeSummary and Definition: The Maidu tribe were a California tribe of Native American Indians who were hunter-gatherers and fishers. We hope you enjoy watching the video - just click and play - a great social studies homework resource for kids . The apron was made of deerskin or of bark. Coast Miwok are an indigenous people that was the second-largest group of Miwok people. Men wore buckskin breechcloths, and occasionally no clothing at all. These dark pink or yellow feathers were placed side by side and sewn together to form a long headband. 69 talking about this. Maidu baskets served a wide variety of functions within the hunter-gatherer society in which the Maidu once lived. American Indian art,