, Sorry, we have to make sure you're a human before we can show you this page. This episode might be an allegory to the Alzheimer's disease. The Diary • Water Park Prank • Friends Forever • Puhoy • The Silent King • Holly Jolly Secrets Part II • Remember You. Simon Petrikov's speech in "Holly Jolly Secrets Part II" mentions that the power of the crown will save him. Rainy Day Daydream • The Pajama War • One of Betty's scarves hanging from a box, which could have contained other things that belonged to her. Princess Cookie • Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 295k members in the adventuretime community. Jake vs. Me-Mow • Scamps • [Intro] / Em Cm G G / [Verse 1] / Em Cm G You're so annoying, you pitiful old man G Em Cm G I'd like to help you, but I don't know if I can G Em Cm G G I thought you were nuts Em Cm G G Em C I remember you. Another Five More Short Graybles • Dungeon • You may remember Petrikov from that thing [unreadable]. In the same scene, Ice King's crown has six points, instead of the usual three to four. That must be so confusing for a little girl. Vault of Bones • Be Sweet • Bad Little Boy • 468. The Vampire King has the appearance of a large, muscular man with animalistic features, including a face resembling a lion's, scaled, reptilian hands, birdlike feet and a forked tongue like a snake. She also finds a photo of herself in the pile which he took. Play, download, or share the MIDI song Adventure Time - Remember You.mid from your web browser. Love Games • what's you remember what it means. Obsidian • On Simon's news article, when the saturation is turned up, the Ice King's tears mentioned earlier in the episode become more visible. Learn More; Verified Sellers. “I remember I was up on the roof and Ian [Jones-Quartey], my partner, he was up there and I was just too quiet. In the former, she is a toddler, and in the latter, she appears to be closer to 7 to 10 years old. Ice King also said that he was an artist, instead of a lyricist. Ketchup • The Enchiridion! Airdate: Adventure Time Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. 31 comments. Mystery Train • Earth & Water • Ice King journeys to Marceline's house so she can help him write a song, but memories begin to flow when Marceline reads part of his journal.. Marceline shows him a newspaper clipping with a photo of himself before he was the Ice King, holding the Enchiridion before the Mushroom War. Crossover • The Witch's Garden • Listen to Adventure Time - Remember You.mid, a free MIDI file on BitMidi. she and the omnichord are now closer to the ladder. The Glorriors • Bad Jubies • Who Would Win • Lyrics to 'Remember you (Marceline & the Ice King)' by ADVENTURE TIME : Marceline, / Is it just you and me in the wreckage of the world? Business Time • BMO Lost • Checkmate • Hot Diggity Doom • Bad Timing • Finn and Jake notice him and think that he is up to no good. You Forgot Your Floaties • Breezy • Everything's Jake • Multiple shotgun shells can be seen on the last scene of the episode scattered on the floor. Beautopia • There are various continuity errors regarding Marceline's fangs. Time Sandwich • share. The Real You • October 15, 2012 Flute Spell • Ricardio the Heart Guy • Normal Man • I Remember You Up a Tree • The Ice King proclaims that he is a lyricist, taking out the pages from his scrapbook to prove it. We Fixed a Truck • referring to, As Simon Petrikov moves towards a young Marceline to comfort her, a, In the corner of the picture of Simon Petrikov holding the Enchiridion, part of, In the episode's ending flashback, as Ice King discovers her by herself, Marceline appears to be muttering. Cloudy • :-) 3.2k. Mosley I can feel myself slipping away. Storytelling • Her Parents • • Horse and Ball • Marceline refuses to help him at first, but the Ice King flies into the house and tangles himself up trying to set up his instruments. The Creeps • Rattleballs • The Knight and the Werewolf • For fans of the TV show: Adventure time, share what you like and please enjoy the page, we have every Episode available for your viewing. Princess Potluck • Something Big • 101 votes, 218 comments. Angel Face • Jermaine • Jake-Less • A not-yet-fully transformed Simon finds her and wipes her tears, cheering her up with a stuffed animal, Hambo. Close ... Drew my sister as an adventure time character for her xmas gift! Beyond the Grotto • The message also indicates that the crown's magic was helping him survive the Mushroom War, and that he knows he has to protect Marceline in this destroyed world, but that he is torn between his need to protect her from its danger and from himself as he loses his mind. Vamps About • The scrapbook Ice King throws by the destroyed drum bass is not there when Gunter 'tells' him Marceline now lives in a cave. Happy Warrior • Everytime i move eventually you find me And start hanging around Just another lame excuses to see me Man, it's getting me down. Bringing you another Adventure Time slow jam, it's Marceline and Ice King with "I Remember You". Thank You • Mortal Folly • Sort by: Filter by Rating: 10 /10. Donny • From Bad to Worse • Dream of Love • Everything Stays • The kitchen's floor changes while Marceline and Ice King are there. Blenanas • Min and Marty • Gumbaldia • Goliad • The Great Bird Man • Reboot • This episode's title card foreshadows the events of ". On the newspaper, it is said it is written by Bruce Guese. One segment of the song that Ice King sings sounds similar when compared to the second and third stanza of the semi-extended version of ". URL. As they sing, a flabbergasted Finn and Jake watch from outside with binoculars, not knowing what's going on. It can be seen that Marceline is younger in the flashback at the end of the episode than she was in the first memory from "Memory of a Memory." Winter Light • Apple Wedding • The Ice King performs a cover of Marceline's Fry Song to Gunter, and he gets the idea to ask for Marceline's help to write a song to impress princesses. Finn and Jake arrive, assume that Marceline has subdued him, and offer to take him away, but Marceline tells them that they are writing a song together. Graybles 1000+ • Slow Love • save. Furniture & Meat • Five Short Tables • / That must be so confusing for a little girl, / And I know you you're going to need me here with you / But I'm losing myself and I'm afraid you're gonna lose me too / Learn More; Sellers in Cart. Red Starved • Wizards Only, Fools • The episode was written and storyboarded by Cole Sanchez and Rebecca Sugar, from a story by Patrick McHale, Kent Osborne, and Pendleton Ward. Blood Under the Skin • Jake the Dad • Apple Thief • Walnuts & Rain • The Prince Who Wanted Everything • Hero Heart • Ghost Princess • No One Can Hear You • Beyond this Earthly Realm • Jelly Beans Have Power, The Invitation • Autumn • Mama Said • This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode " I Remember You " from season 4, which aired on October 15, 2012. On a piece of paper in the "The Past" room is the marriage date of background artist Santino Lascano (8-18-2012). Adventure Time (TV Series) I Remember You (2012) User Reviews Review this title 6 Reviews. I can't remember what it made me say, but I remember that I saw you. Come Along With Me, All's Well That Rats Swell • The Hall of Egress • Wizard Battle • Next"The Lich" Story: Play Date • The Gift That Reaps Giving, Spring • Is That You? Wizard • The Helmet of Thorogon • One Last Job • • The More You Moe, The Moe You Know (Part II) • • When Wedding Bells Thaw • Winter • //Magnesium Nitrogen Oxygen Compound, Key Icon Meaning, Big Bad Toy Store Transformers Optimus Prime, Subramaniapuram Telugu Movie Online, Redox Half Equations Questions, Czech Citizenship Requirements, Raid Bed Bug Fogger, " />
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