Payment Terms 

Upon approval of the proposed itinerary or services by the client, a written confirmation must be submitted to Camino Travel, please note that otherwise stated, availability and pricing is subject to change until written confirmation from the suppliers is received by Camino Travel.

In the event that the original program is not available at the time of booking, Camino Travel would endeavor to maintain the same standard, order, pricing and quality of the hotels originally proposed, but the same cannot be guaranteed until the services are confirmed.

  1. 25% deposit needed at the time of reservation
  2. Full payment must be done 35 days prior arrival
  3. For peak season(*) full payment must be completed by September s1st
  4. Certain hotels may require additional deposits to guarantee space, especially during the high & peak season. Camino Travel will advise the client if any additional amount is required.
  5. Important: a copy of the deposit with the client’s invoice or reservation number must be sent by email so that Camino Travel knows the deposit has been processed.

(*) Peak Season takes place from December 19th through to January 5th and Easter Week.

Payment Options 

-Bank Transfer:
Camino Travel banking details:

BANK: Banco International de Costa Rica (BICSA)
ACCOUNT No. 102024443
ACCOUNT NAME: Viajes Camino del Sol S.A
Aba No-066011567
D/B/A: Camino Travel
Please do not forget to include the bank code SWIFT: COSRUS 3 M

-Credit Card Via Paypal or Our Online Payment system (VPOS)


Cancellation Policy 

  1. Any cancellations must be made at least 30 days prior to the arrival date stated in the reservation. It must be made via email (using the same email address used for making the reservation). The cancellation becomes effective on the date the written notice is received, by email, at our Reservations Office. All cancellations must be confirmed as received by Camino Travel for them to be considered valid. If a refund is applicable and adheres to the policies, the corresponding amount will be refunded.
  2. The refund will show up on your bank account or credit card statement as a transaction by Viajes Camino del Sol S.A (doing business as Camino Travel).
  3. The following policies apply when making a cancellation:
    • 30 days prior to arrival date: your deposit will be refunded minus a $150USD handling fee.
    • 29 to 15 days prior to arrival: 50% of the amount is subject to forfeiture.
    • 14 days prior to arrival, 100% of the total amount is subject to forfeiture.
  4. If Camino Travel receives any cancellation charges on part of Paypal, VISA or MASTER CARD credit card companies, this will be deducted on top of the $150USD handling fee stated above.
  5. Some hotels, tour coordinators and service providers charge a guarantee deposit in advance when making a reservation. If this charge applies, it will be deduced from your deposit on top of the $150USD handling fee.
  6. Certain hotels and transportation providers have severely strict cancellation and refund policies. These vary according to the hotel and depending on each cancellation circumstance and the time of year. Our account executives will inform you directly in regards to any special conditions or peak season cancellation policies, any air transfer cancellation policies and/or modification policies. Some suppliers do not make any refunds.
  7. Peak Season takes place from December 19th through to January 5th and Easter Week.

High Season takes place from November 15th to December 18th, January 06th through to April 30th and July 1st to August 31st.

Green Season takes place from May 1st through June 30th and September 01st to November 14th.

  1. Camino Travel will not authorize, under any circumstances, any refunds for late cancellations, unused portions of packages or no shows.
  2. Camino Travel strongly recommends for clients to purchase trip cancellation insurances.