Tour Guides are a most important part of a trip. Either on a two hours tour or a three weeks multi-country itinerary, the tourist guide makes a difference.

The fact is that the license does not guarantee that the tour guide will be impeccable, but it certainly tells you that he/she has passed through a process of qualification and that the government knows them.

For Camino Travel, the official tour guide license is indispensable, however not only that…

We do go through a very strong selection process and it really depends on the group’s needs and wishes, the tour guide we assign.

Bird watchers, nature lovers, soft or hard adventurers, etc. our tour guides will be prepared with the best gear and very deep and strong information.

But it goes beyond the knowledge and the experience…

They do love what they do. They are passionate about the country, nature, birds and whatever their expertise is and they are contagious.

Our guides have to love their work and love to teach and to share.

So please get to know who is on the road sharing life experiences, joy, and passion!