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Keep in mind the following tips:

  • The best way to start planning anything in life -and holidays are included- is to know what do you want to experience, and what do you want to remember with a smile when you get back home.
  • Even if your choices seem contradictory and improbable. Let us handle the possibilities. Experts know their way around!
  • If you are thinking about simply relax and rest, remember there are always half day tours and activities like hot springs bathing or catamaran sailing that can be relaxed yet fun.
  • If you want to learn about nature, culture and Costa Rica in general, the best is to get a great Camino Travel specialized guide. Please write below what would you like to learn the most.

About your hotels in Costa Rica:

  • Al Inclusive Hotels are not everywhere in Costa Rica, usually, you find them only in the North and Central Pacific regions.
  • You tell us what you like and we will choose what we think is best for your interests. We have over 300 suppliers to choose from.
  • Recommendations come from the local experts that have tried the hotels, the tours, the activities. We do know what we are doing.
  • Sometimes, in the most remote areas, the hotels are only jungle lodges without AC or TV sets.

About the pace of your trip in Costa Rica

  • Costa Rica is small, yes, but roads are winding, and sometimes the trips can be longer than they look on the map.
  • In Costa Rica, there are plenty of options for all paces. We can even mix two or three if you let us know in the space below. (For instance, you may want a fast pace at the start and then, at the end only rest and relax.