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We design unique travel experiences in Costa Rica

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Our sample Costa Rica journeys are designed to inspire, whether you are looking to make the most of a short one week trip, or explore more as part of a longer adventure. They can be mixed, matched, and customized to become a trip you can look forward to.

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  •    We help you plan your dream Costa Rica trip

  •    Our journeys are created to match your interests and travel style

  •    We have the best connections to maximize your time and investment

  •    We handle all the details; you can just sit back and relax while we craft the ideal itinerary for you

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What does your dream vacation look like?

We design unique travel experiences in Costa Rica.

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How do we design your Costa Rica vacation?

We craft each and every itinerary to be a piece of art, perfected for each of our clients. We don’t stop working until you can’t wait for your vacation. The next time you travel to Costa Rica, we’ll create you a masterpiece of experiences that best fit your interests and preferences.
“As soon as we finish with the initial design, we send you a preliminary itinerary, filled with descriptions and pictures to help you best imagine your upcoming travel experience, taking into account current travel restrictions.

From then on, you and your travel designer will be in touch until your program is 100% perfect.”
Once you accept your final itinerary, we go ahead and get everything ready for your Costa Rica vacation.

A family with small kids looks at the Costa Rican rainforest from a trail
An open suitcase with passports, camera, and clothes

What´s the secret to the perfect trip to Costa Rica?

It totally depends on your needs and travel preferences. As an experienced travel agency in Costa Rica, we know how to best serve your specific requirements. Whether traveling in Costa Rica with family groups, senior travelers, adventurers, adrenaline junkies, groups of friends, or just by yourself, we’ll make sure your trip is spectacular.
Our travel experts will give you a wide array of choices, from waterfall rappelling to sunbathing on beaches to hiking through rainforests.
How do we choose the hotels and activities in your itinerary? From our vast experience traveling Costa Rica and our close relationships with our trusted suppliers. This way we can assure your Costa Rica vacation will be as impeccable as possible.

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We believe in sustainable travel!

“We always choose comfort and sustainability for every Costa Rica vacation we design. You’ll get every bit of fun and relaxation you can, while leaving as little impact on the environment as possible.

The hotels and tour operators we choose are dedicated to keeping our rainforests alive and healthy for us, the wildlife that lives in them, and the vitality of the whole planet.”

Health & Safety Protocols

In this fast-changing era, we are doing our best to adapt to new requirements and expectations. We support the implementation of sanitization and operational procedures to help prevent the transmission of COVID-19 and ensure safety for passengers, team members, and local communities.

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