For years already the South Caribbean area of Costa Rica has been a source of polemics. As beautiful as it is, the area is also remote and wild. And this has been used by reckless people for illegal pursuits. Now, this is going to change, as the government is not only building a new police station that will cover the region, but also increase the police force members to control and protect the zone.

Cahuita National Park

Cahuita National Park


Vice Minister of Public Security, Bernardita Marín Salazar and Juan José Andrade, announced the start of the construction for a delegation in the community of Puerto Viejo in the Cahuita district of Talamanca, Limón. This was announced at a meeting held this morning in the auditoriumPrincipe de Asturias, in the Ministry of Public Security. Deputy Minister Marín reported that a budget was assigned to start the hiring process for the design and construction of the police delegation.
This is part of the follow-up work from a visit of the National Security Minister, Mr. Andrade.

There will also be a 100% increase in the number of policemen assigned to the South Caribbean area of Costa Rica, now only counting with 40 members. And an intense search for criminality sources with constant motorcycle trips throughout the region, by officers of Public Force and Tourist Police; As well as intelligence work, special forces incursions, and at sea work to detect and stop potential drug craft. It will also incorporate two mobile delegations that will work 24 hours a day for the first 100 days.


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Another strategy that this police operation will include are the preventive actions with the people who live or visit the zone. In this connection, the police will visit shops and talk to tourists to give information and advice to watch after belongings not become victims of crime while visiting the South Caribbean area of Costa Rica.

This operation ensures police presence, by air, by sea, and by land, in addition to law enforcement officers walking around Puerto Viejo prevention to work closely with merchants and residents of the area,” Andrade said the deputy minister.