The Costa Rica International Festival of the Arts or FIA 2017 kicked off on Thursday, June 29th and the capital city is loaded with multiple activities, including art, music and theater shows.

The Municipality of San José shared that all international and national events, most of them are being held indoors at 14 different sites, such as the National Theater, the Dance Theater, Theater 1887 and the Melico Salazar Theater; some other activities that are performed outdoors.

There are over 150 shows to pick from, some of the indoor activities will require tickets so have in mind that you need to purchase them in advance, the tickets to the indoor shows have a cost of 7,000 colones, and they can be obtained through the website

The FIA 2017 started at the Plaza de la Democracia at 6 p.m. with a concert by the Costa Rican Youth Symphony Orchestra, the Youth Chorus of the Music Institute and from the United States “The Choristers” by Jennifer Call.


The Orchestra was directed by Costa Rican Marvin Araya and Argentinian director Andrea Merenzón.

The concert had the participation of Argentinian composer, 15 times Latin Grammy Award winner, Grammy Award Winner and Academy Award winner for best music score (Babel and Brokeback Mountain), Gustavo Santaolalla .

Santaolalla has visited the country on several occasions with his band Bajofondo, but this is his first time in the country as a solo artist.  Aside from his presentation back on June 29th, he also had a concert at the Melico Salazar Theater on July 2.

The inauguration also presented the dance show Tango Remix, which took us through some of the history and movements of this fantastic dance and conclude with the performance of Belgium Theatre TOL “Pedaleando Hacia el Cielo” (Pedaling Towards Heaven); this event used a 90-ton crane so it could be enjoyed from different parts of the city. Screens were also being placed in several areas.

The events of the FIA 2017 will extend through July 9th.  If you wish to keep a track on the schedules and information on each of the activities, you can do so through the FIA App which you can get by accessing (without the WWW).

Some streets in San José have been closed partially for vehicles, and some bus stops have also changed their location temporarily. The recommendation is to leave the cars at home and travel by other means to the capital city.


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