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Have you ever showered outside?  There are few things in life like taking a shower outside, in the open especially if out in the open is surrounded by a fantastic rainforest!

Pacuare Lodge outside shower

Pacuare Lodge outside shower


In Costa Rica, there are some hotels that can have a bathtub or even a shower with a view to the outside. Or a window as high as needed for you to enjoy the view in privacy, but the feeling of a shower in the outside, open skies, breeze flowing, rainforest or waves sounds… It is a magical trip that will give wings to your imagination and a sense of adventure to something as routinary as to take a shower.

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Even better if it is raining, as the combination of warm tropical rains and hot water from the shower, is an experience itself. However, in order for this “adventure feeling” to be fun and free the shower has to be set in a very private way, so that, if there is someone watching it would be a curious monkey or a sleepy sloth.

As well the shower experience has to be as sustainable as possible.  The bath amenities have to be organic and biodegradable, so we definitely encourage for you not to use your own personal shampoo and conditioner or anything similar that is not biodegradable. And of course, in order to save water… share the experience with a loved one and create a great memory!

The outdoor shower experiences in some of the finest hotels in Costa Rica:

At Latitude 10 Resort in Santa Teresa, the outside shower experience is part of a complete outside bathroom experience.   A garden wall provides complete privacy.  Look up and see the rainforest canopy above you with monkeys looking down at you.  And you just a step away from a secluded tropical beach.  This is as outside as it is going to get…


An important part of a vacation are things that you normally don’t do at home. How about a private shower under the rain forest canopy next to the Ocean at Latitude 10 Resort in Santa Teresa?

At Lapa Rios Eco Lodge on the Osa Peninsula, the postcard-perfect view of the Golfo Dulce and the Pacific Ocean are the main attraction while showering on the large deck of your private bungalow.  Wildlife is everywhere.  Monkeys or sloths in the trees around you, Toucans or Scarlet Macaws flying by and maybe even whales in the distance.

Lapa Rios showers

At Lapa Rios, the divisions between what is indoors and outdoors are subtle. Besides a full indoor bathroom, there is an outdoor shower on the deck overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Cayuga Hotels came up with the term “operation butt naked” at the Harmony Hotel in Nosara a few years ago, when they created wooden walls around the outside garden patios next to the rooms and bungalows.  It was crucial that they would be designed for maximum privacy.  We placed showers there and have noted that very few people ever use the “inside” shower in their room.  Why would you?

This is the outdoor shower of a Cocos Room at the Harmony Hotel in Nosara

This is the outdoor shower of a Cocos Room at the Harmony Hotel in Nosara


At Kura Design Villas in Uvita, the outsides come inside during the shower experience.  The double rain shower is set next to the balcony of your room and opening the sliding glass doors provides the feeling of floating above the ground when showering.  Make sure you don’t get soap in your eyes, so you can enjoy the incredible view of the “whale’s tale”.


The shower at Kura is ‘inside’ the villa, but projecting towards the outside. The divisions flow and the lodging experience becomes very unique.

While we don’t have outside showers at Arenas del Mar Beachfront and Rainforest Resort in Manuel Antonio, they have Jacuzzi tubs that provide views of the Pacific Ocean and the National Park.

Not an outdoor shower, but maybe even better. The Jacuzzi experience is a highlight for honeymooners at Arenas del Mar

Not an outdoor shower, but maybe even better. The Jacuzzi experience is a highlight for honeymooners at Arenas del Mar



And of course! We have to talk about the outside experiences of the amazing Pacuare Lodge, that have private plunge pools and external showers totally secluded, yet in the open.

While the outdoor shower experience certainly is certainly a highlight of any honeymoon or romantic hotel experience, we have found that children also really enjoy the freedom of showering outside and feeling.  Who wouldn’t?  Interested in learning more?

Source: Cayuga Hotels