Winter is coming… Indeed.  As you hear the GOT* phrase Winter is coming… For us in Costa Rica is: Sunny season IS coming! And Costa Rica in the sunny season, means beach, shining rainforests, abundant wildlife, gorgeous landscapes… And if, you want to go for the driving choice, please read this article, as it will give you some important advice about it.

Tenorio Volcano

Seasons in Costa Rica:

As small as Costa Rica is, it has dozens of different climates depending on where you are. And these climates vary in the different year times. The temperature does not vary. Maybe a couple of degrees higher or lower, but it stays the same all year round and varies according to where you are in height above sea level.

As you can see in our Weather Calendar below, it really depends on where are you going to know how is the weather going to be.

Costa Rica Weather Calendar

Dry season means that you can expect about twelve hours of sunlight per day and temperatures in the mild 70°s and 80°s in the Central Valley, and to the sweltering 90°s on the Pacific.  Rain is rare in the Central Valley and the Pacific Coast, although the Caribbean is wetter while the rest of the country is dry.

In some areas, throughout the rainy season, though, it may be very windy. Just drive carefully. Surprisingly the winds can move a bit the car. If you are coming in the windy months, please ask your travel consultant for driving advice. It’s not dangerous, but it is always good to know.

Now, certainly, the great thing about the sunny or dry season weather is that it is the absolute antithesis of the weather you’ve left behind! (At least if you are from the North!)

Road conditions

On the road to CN
Driving is comfortable mostly everywhere in the high season.  In the rainy season, driving can be more challenging as landslides can happen, or rivers may flood causing traffic jams, basically.

While the rains are only for a few hours in the afternoon in the rainy season, in the sunny season our visitors have more flexibility in trip preparation and driving times when there are no landslides, rivers or downpours to avoid.

If you are going to the Caribbean, please make sure, with the operations team and in our emergency number, that the roads are clear and safe.

As said previously from December to February there might be what we call “The Norths” which are basically cold fronts coming from the North that bring strong winds and rains up in the mountains. 

Ask your Travel Consultant! 

It is necessary to ask your travel consultant to prepare your holidays evading the busiest days when Costa Ricans go for their own vacations.

Easter is a big vacation week for Costa Ricans and big traffic days across the country as Ticos enjoy a beach break so plan for those days to be relaxing poolside rather than sitting in tailbacks. In general, traffic outside of the capital is unlikely to be an issue for the rest of the year.

Route 27 (Autopista del Sol) is the main road between the Central Valley and the closest Pacific beaches.

Week vacation in Costa Rica

Lanes beachbound will be reserved when large traffic numbers are expected at the end of holidays or long weekends to cut down on traffic delays. This is only an issue if you’re planning to head in the opposite direction!

There are some attractions that will also be filled with cruise passengers in this time of year. Ask your travel consultant about those too! Because it may just be a few hours of crowds and then, they are gone, but it is good to know… Which are those few hours.

Book early!

Expect to pay more for accommodation, tours and car rental during high season, especially at Christmas, New Year and Easter.  Book early to avoid disappointment as popular hotels will be fully booked months in advance.

Car rental agencies will be fully booked for peak times, especially the categories in most demand.  So, reserve well ahead of time and confirm the reservation a few weeks before departure.  While pricing is higher than in low season, you can cut costs by hiring a less powerful vehicle than you’d need in the green season.

Source: Costa Rica Car Rental Association


**GOT: Game of Thrones, in the popular HBO Series one of the most common phrases is “Winter is coming”… Only that the winters in Westeros (GOT Land) can be up to ten years long… Fortunately, we are not there, neither you or us! 🙂