Costa Rica is a relatively new country, with changes and evolutions that are represented in its culture and the incredible amount of knowledge that is hidden in each of its corners.

From its beautiful and thick forests to the wonderful people who live in each of its seven provinces. The culture in Costa Rica is rich, incredible and curious to possess influences from all parts of the world. It is a multicultural, multi-ethnic and mestizo country, where there are traditional practices, agricultural and beliefs that connect the inhabitants.

Within our artistic expressions can be glimpsed a thread of almost eight thousand years, besides identifiable legends and myths, which have heroes and traditional expressions that are still used today. The Costa Rican has an identity marked with the set of unique features with which we communicate, as well as the feeling of empathy throughout the nation.

Throughout its history, Costa Rica has experienced milestones that have guided its cultural traits. The territory of Costa Rica is a narrow strip of land surrounded by the oceans, in which a human occupation of great antiquity and complexity, with more than ten thousand years of pre-Columbian history, is added to a great natural biodiversity.

Costa Rica is a multilingual and multicultural country in which very diverse social communication systems coexist and have ancient local development areas, independent of the role of the passive receptor that the term cultural bridge can invoke.

Find here the best options to see the culture that lies behind the happiest country in the World, the culture that created so many national parks and conservation policies, the culture that abolished the army more than six decades ago…

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