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What would you like to do?

At Camino Travel, we customize your vacation in Costa Rica. We have a team of local travel architects that can design, for you a totally customized luxury itinerary.

We believe that vacation is a precious time and we take the time to get to know you, what are your travel wishes, the dreams, what makes you smile and what inspires you.

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We have been in business since 1991; we have the knowledge, the experience and a experts team on site to take your stress away and enjoy your vacation.

We take the time to hear your ideas, your dreams, interests, and wishes, and then we will bring our expertise to them to design a perfect trip for you and your loved ones.
We realize that you do not want to be in your vacation worried about planning and services coordination. When you reserve your Costa Rica Vacation with Camino Travel, you will have a 24/7 expert team at your back and call.

How do we do it?

It totally depends on your needs, dreams, and interests. Camino Travel Expert Team will serve family groups, senior travelers, adventurers, groups of friends, solo women or specialized travelers.

We will give you a wide array of choices, from waterfall rappelling to sunbathing on rainforest surrounded beaches. Depending on what you like your Camino Travel Consultant will give you the choices for you to decide. We are Costa Ricans. However we are also travelers, and we have stayed in the hotels and done the tours.

On top of this, we have personal and direct contact with our suppliers; we have a sterling payment reputation in Costa Rica, and relations with hotels and operators is great. This allows you to have treats no other guests or passengers have.

Support in Costa Rica

When you book a vacation yourself, you may end stranded in the middle of nowhere if a local situation affects the area where you are. You may also end in a hotel room without a window, and none to call for a change. When you reserve with Camino Travel, you know that whatever comes up during your holidays, there are a whole group of experts ready to advise, to support and to handle any situation.

Our Operations Team has managed all sorts of emergencies and situations in a successful and prompt way. Emergencies like lost passports or closed airports due to volcanic eruptions, we are a phone call away, and we know what to do. You may want to go for a special dinner, or you may have a last minute emergency, our expert’s team will be at your back and call 24/