Costa Rica in July… Costa Rica is luscious green from coast to coast, border to border. The forest is filled with fruits, wildlife is visible and in the afternoons and nights, you can witness amazing and quick downpours.

Costa Rica in July

Costa Rica in July – Monteverde Cloud Forest


Besides the fact that it may rain occasionally, July is a great time to be in Costa Rica if you are into nature, adventure, wildlife sightings and cool air. Everything is luscious green and there are usually two sunny weeks at the start of July. It is not calendarized… it is nature, so it may happen earlier or later. But actually, this “little summer” as we call it, coincides with the Costa Rican school’s mid-year vacation.(Summer vacation is in December and January).

Usually in this time of year what you find in hotels and general attractions are students and european groups that come to Costa Rica in theri summer holidays.


Costa Rica doesn’t really have seasons, as the temperature changes just a little bit from period to period, yes “period”.

If you are in:

The Pacific Coast, Central Valley, Southern areas and the Central Volcanic Mountain Range, the sunny period goes from December to April, even May. (Our grandparents used to say that if by May 20th it had not rained, it wouldn’t rain at all). And then, of course, vice versa for the rainy season: From May to November.

If you are in:

Anywhere in the Caribbean Coast, Turrialba, the West side of the Central and Talamanca Mountain Ranges, Sarapiqui or Arenal areas, the sunny period is different.

July is the rainy season!

Diverse Climates

We have to realize that the climates and therefore the landscapes of Costa Rica vary considerably by sector. The coastal areas are usually hot, and the highlands are ordinarily cooler. As you travel south on the Pacific coast, moisture levels rise. The Caribbean Coast and almost all the Northern Area is generally hot and humid. And when it rains it pours.

The more humidity and rain there is in a region, it will be more exuberant and wildlife sightings are more common.

Costa Rica Weather Chart Month by Month:


Source: Climate Change Knowledge Portal

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Weather Map:

Costa Rica Weather in July:

As you can see in the chart above, it really depends on where you are to know what the weather is like.

Yes, July is definitely rainy season. Now… What does that mean? Different from other locations in the World, our rainy season is quite sunny in the mornings. It is a great time to come and see the rainforest as alive as can be.

There is plenty of food so animals are quite active, and it is cooler than it would be for the sunny season. Remember we have no winter. So, the temperature fluctuates maybe two or three Celsius degrees, but it is quite steady.

Wildlife Sightings in June:

Costa Rica in July

Whales and Dolphins Watching Tour


Best time to see them: Year-round. Several species such as bottlenose and spotted dolphins can be seen all year so you have a good chance to see them.

The Best places to go dolphin watching:

  • Drake Bay
  • Golfo Dulce
  • Dominical (Parque Marino Ballena)
  • Tambor
  • Golfo de Nicoya
  • Tamarindo and surroundings.
  • Caribbean: Limon and South Caribbean

*Some lucky people has seen dolphins in the Tortuguero Canals


Best time to see them:

Costa Rica in July


All year round:  Olive Ridley, Hawksbill, Leatherback and Pacific Green Sea Turtle.

Best places to see Sea Turtles:

  • Parque Nacional Marino Las Baulas (Playa Grande (Close to Tamarindo)
  • Santa Rosa National Park
  • Ostional Wildlife Refuge (Arribadas)

Annnnd! In Tortuguero, Parismina and some areas in the South Caribbean, it is turtle time! 

Yes! Green Sea Turtles arrive in this time of year to the region that gets its name from them: Tortuguero. So, if you are willing to see the huge green sea turtles coming to shore, crawling through the sand, digging a hole with their back paws, laying around 100 eggs and covering it back before turning back to the ocean… This is the perfect opportunity to watch this magical nature wonder.

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Important to know:

When you go on the night tours to watch the turtles lay their eggs you have to know a couple of important things: 

  • In the protected beaches you CANNOT bring any video or photo camera unless you have a special permit for them. If you are thinking about your cell phone, that is also a bad idea. The flashes really scare the turtles off so they don’t allow any of those in the tours.
  • Wear black or really dark colors. As said in the bullet above, the light really scares the turtles and the reflection of the moonlight or any other in your clothes is equivalent to real light for them.
  • If you wear repellent in the night tour, make sure that is not a strong aroma repellent. Cream repellents are better.
  • The fee for the night tour is $15 per person and it is paid directly to the hotel (The fee may change for 2017)
  • Nature is nature. Sometimes, turtles simply don’t appear. Usually, they do, but it happens every now and then that you go to Tortuguero and turtles are simply not there.


Costa Rica in JulyJuly is great to see the resident and endemic species of Costa Rica. It’s a great time to know antbirds, watch a lot of activity from trogons and get fascinated with mixed flocks.

Migratory Species

In July, there are some migratory species coming from the Southern winter like Scissor Tailed Kites.

Birds in General: 

It is a time of year to see frugivores and insectivores.

Resplendent Quetzal

Visible in Monteverde and Savegre in July as other high areas of the mountain ranges. This is the time of year when young quetzal chicks come out of their nest and fly around.

The rest of the bird species can be seen all year round. Including July.


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In the tourism area

Cruises and attractions

There are no cruise dates in July.

In Manuel Antonio, you will probably have to make a line in the mornings to get in the National Park and in Tortuguero, there might be some waiting time on the boats before getting in the Tortuguero National Park canals.

However, it will definitely be less crowded than in the sunny season.



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