Pick Up Time:

8:30am, 1:00pm, 1:30pm and 5:00pm


½ day

Activity Level

Easy to Moderate

Great for:

Families. Adventure Lovers . Nature Lovers.

This exciting tour will take you for the ride of your life across the tropical dry forest and its tall trees.

1. Upon arrival at the canopy site, your expert guides will provide you with all necessary equipment (harness, helmet, and gloves).

2. Once you are geared up, you will take a short hike through the trees to the first platform where your guides will impart a safety orientation.

3. After all guidelines and instructions are made clear, your adventure begins. You will fly down steel cables at amazing speeds, watching the world of the treetops as it goes by, allowing you to get a unique view of the local natural landscape.

4. During the tour, you will come across a bridge between two platforms, perfect for observing the surroundings.

5. If you are afraid of heights you can try the first two cables and decide if you want to go on or not.

The Congo Trail Canopy Tour tour takes place within a tropical dry forest and its high trees surround the area. Upon arrival, your tour guides will gear you up for the ride of your life. After a short hike you will come to the first platform, where you will receive safety instructions before flying down the suspended cables among the tree tops. The journey is truly exhilarating and exciting experience.

During the Congo Trail Canopy Tour, you will come across a bridge between two platforms. If your luck holds, some howler monkeys will be your company during a part of the ride. Come and get your adrenalin pumping and enjoy the beauty of the forest and its resident wildlife.

Transportation, all equipment, and expert bilingual guides

Camera, binoculars, trousers, sunscreen, insect repellent, and hiking shoes

What if it rains?

The tour takes place in any weather unless there is lightening storm or it is extremely windy.

What if I am afraid of heights?

The tour goes through several platforms and cables. However you can do the first two cables and decide there if you want to do it.

There is also the possibility of a guide to escort you through out the whole ride.