Costa Rica in the rainy season?… For newcomers, rainy season may seem a bit gloomy right? All that rain! The dampness, being cold… hours and hours of looking out the glass. Well! Not really! Go on reading, and we will tell you the good news

Rain in Golfo Dulce

Rain in Golfo Dulce



Costa Rica, different from other latitudes in the World, only has two seasons; Sunny Season and the Rainy season. You can even say it has one solid season, same temperature all year round… with two periods.

The rainy season is, probably, the best time to visit Costa Rica. All the activities are available, including tours, hotels, and transportation, there are lower fares, and some of the attractions are better. For example, rafting, if you get to do rafting in Costa Rica in the very climax of the rainy season, you are up to an unforgettable ride. Not only because the rivers are full, but also because the landscapes get to be breathtaking! 

If you ask a real local expert One question What is the best time to come to Costa Rica? The answer is always the same, Rainy Season, it’s when the land blooms, there are lower prices and everything is available. No lines, no crowds, great rates.

Of course, this depends on what you are looking for, if you just want to stay having a sunbath on the beach, the rainy season may not be the best for you. But, if you are up to see rainforest, fauna, flora, and have adventures, then the rainy season is for you! You will enjoy it intensely!

Let us give you a list of pros in the following list:

1, When it rains, it’s just for two or three hours.

Rain in Esquinas Rainforest Lodge

Rain in Esquinas Rainforest Lodge

Rainy season is not that rainy. September and October are the wettest months in the Pacific and Central areas, November and December for the Caribbean side, yet you will find that surprisingly the rain just lasts about two or three hours the most.

Experiencing a good downpour at 4 a.m. while on the bed it’s probably one of the most thrilling things you can live while still under the sheets.  If you are in your room, may be very surprising, because the noise of a massive tropical rain on the tin roofs of the lodges is super impressive.

Now, in the day… If you are walking in the rainforest, you will get surprised at how little rain gets actually to the bottom of the forest. And even if you are in the open, don’t worry! The rain in not cold, it is quite comfortable and warm.

2. Costa Rica in the Rainy Season is Green, green, green!

Where ever you go, throughout the rainy season, the whole country turns to be luscious green. And wherever you go, you will witness how life shines, everywhere. This radically changes in sunny season, where you will find, beautiful as well, brown and yellowish landscapes combined with the pink, red and purple trees in bloom.

3. Rafting and Floating tours

The mother of teamwork; Full rivers! The best way to enjoy this sport is in the rainy season! The rivers are full, which means that the forest is brighter, wildlife is appearing, and you are wet already! Costa Rica on Rainy season is fantastic for rafting, which is way better than when the rivers are low.

4. Volcanoes

As weird as it may sound, it’s way easier to see the volcanoes after a good rain Let’s explain this:  In the sunny season, the humidity comes from the Caribbean and forms clouds over them, this gets stuck up on the tops of the mountains. Moreover, well yes! In Costa Rica, mostly all hills, are volcanoes. In Costa Rica in the rainy season, this humidity turns into pouring rains that after a while, pass and leave the mountains transparent.

Poas Volcano

Poas Volcano

5. Shorter lines and fewer people.

When you get to Costa Rica in sunny season you may find yourself doing long lines, and a lot of people running away from winter to get to the warm tropical weather, this happens as well with cruises, they come to coast when the sunny season starts, and you will find large groups running around, buses of forty or fifty people, a rainforest trail full of persons, same in the hanging bridges, or restaurants and even souvenir stores.

But Costa Rica in the rainy season is absolutely great if you don’t want lines and if you are into adventure, wildlife, and rainforest, we recommend the rainy season; you won’t find, not even remotely, the same amount of people.(Maybe only in June, because of the summer vacations).

Even Costa Ricans don’t travel as much in the rainy season since our summer vacation has to do with the coffee harvest (The good old days remain) and it’s in December and January.


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Hercules beetle in the rainy season

Hercules beetle in the rainy season

6. Insects

Ok, ok. This may not be the favorite part for everyone, neither an attractive. But, it’s true. In Rainy Season hundreds, if not thousands of insects come to life with the humidity, there are wonderful and beautiful species! The have different shapes, colors, and some are used for studies in the pharmaceutical industry.

Metal-like bugs, the mighty Hercules beetles (Picture above) that live on the trees and that come out in the rainy season, and the super colorful and weird looking caterpillars and fantastic praying mantis are much easier to see in the rainy season than in the dry heat of the sunny season.

7. The rain over here is quite warm

Because we are a tropical country, the rain is warm, unless you go to the higher mountains, where the temperature decreases a lot. Kids are very used to play in the rain, and in general getting wet is not, at all related to be cold in the warm rainforest areas.

8. The glow of the rainforest

Rain is what makes a rainforest! And because of this, when the rain comes, the forest starts to come back to life, foliage turns brighter, fruits get ripe, and birds and, in general animals have a lot of food to eat. If there is a time when is best to see the rainforest is right after a downpour of the rainy season.

Rainy season in Costa Rica

Tortuguero Rainforest

9. Dolphins and Whales:

Humpback Whales migrating time is from July to November, dates which are part of the rainy season. And dolphins get more active. Maybe because of the rivers pouring out more water with sediments in the oceans, these mammals are more visible in the rainy season than in sunny season.

10. Turtle season happens all throughout the rainy season.

Depending on where you are going, in Costa Rica in the rainy season you can see the huge leatherbacks, the beautiful hawksbill or the abundant green sea turtles:

  • Leatherback Turtles: Caribbean Coast, On the Caribbean, they nest from March to July, although hard to see. On the Pacific, they nest from September to March.
  • Green Sea Turtles: They nest from July to October along the North Caribbean, especially Tortuguero.
  • Olive Ridleys: On the Pacific Coast they nest throughout the year, but the actual nesting is intense from July to November.
  • Hawksbill Turtles: Nest in Cahuita National Park in September & October and can be found foraging in the Golfo Dulce.

So well! There you go! Costa Rica in the rainy season sure sounds like fun! Check it out with our Sales Consultants and see if you can book a great package to see all these wonders before the sunny season kicks back again!



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