Cahuita National Park Hiking & Snorkeling


Between 7 at 8 approximate hours
(from the pick up to the drop off)

Activity Level


Great for:

Families with children and/or teenagers, seniors. couples, women. Nature lovers.
  • In the company of a captain and your guide, you will board a boat and travel around Cahuita National Park.
  • During the tour you will go snorkelling for about two hours in Costa Rica’s most important coral reef.
  • This reef is the home of 35 different species of coral, 123 species of tropical fish, 3 species of sharks, 6 species of eels, 3 species of sea urchins, 140 species of shellfish, 44 crustaceans, 128 types of algae, sea turtles, sea cucumbers, ocean sponges, lobster, shrimp, and many others.
  • You will be provided with snorkelling equipment (mask, fins, and snorkel tube).
  • After your time in the water, you will enjoy a tropical fruit snack (plus water) before beginning the second part of the tour.
  • You will go on a hike through Cahuita National Park in the company of one of a naturalist guide.
  • Following some of the trails in the park, your will guide will take you through different sites between Cahuita Point and the town of Cahuita (3.5 km).
  • During the hike, it is possible to observe various types of snakes (boas, bocaraca, bush master, eyelash vipers, etc.), sloths, white faced and howler monkeys, anteaters, armadillos, raccoons, blue morpho butterflies, numerous birds and much more. Not to mention medicinal plants, orchids, ferns, vertebrates, invertebrates, sea and earth shellfish, etc.

This tour is a combination of snorkeling and nature walking. In the company of your guide, you will board a boat for a snorkel expedition at Costa Rica’s most important coral reef. Afterwards, you will head back to Cahuita National Park for a hike through vivid rainforest. This tour is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the diverse wildlife of the region, underwater and on land.

Fruit snack, snorkeling equipment, bilingual guide, lunch, round-trip transportation from your hotel, hike through the national park, and bottled water

Cap or hat, sunscreen, shoes or sandals, repellent, swimsuit, and towel

How long is the boat ride?

You will be on the boat and snorkel area for about two hours.

If i do not know how to swim, do you recommend this tour?

Yes, although the snorkeling part will be quite limited.

Can I pay for the extra expenses with credit card?

Yes! All major credit cards are accepted.

Not recommended for passengers with any type of photo-allergy (Sun light allergy).