Bri Bri Indigenous Reserve


7-8 Hours

Activity Level

Easy to moderate

Great for:

People who are willing to know about indigenous cultures. Nature lovers. Photographers.

This tour will take you on an extended visit to a Bri Bri Indigenous Reserve and tribe community. It starts off with a visit to Kekoldi Native Reserve, a rural tourist attraction where a small indigenous family has taken on a project of boosting the reproduction of the Green Iguana. You will then visit a medicinal garden, take a look around the local organic market at Suretka, make a stop at a sacred waterfall, and finally visit ACOMUITA women group, manufacturers of an elaborate and organic indigenous chocolate.

  • On this tour you will start off with a visit to the Green Iguana farm and medicinal plant garden at Kekoldi Native Reserve.
  • This reserve is a rural tourist attraction where a small indigenous family has taken on a project of boosting the reproduction of the Green Iguana (Iguana iguana).
  • In addition, you will take a walk through the medicinal plant garden, observing and learning about plants the indigenous population has used for hundreds of years.
  • You will be accompanied by a local guide throughout the whole tour.
  • You will continue on to the Bri-Bri Indigenous Reserve and arrive to the community of Suretka (on the margins of the Telire River).
  •  All the products sold in the market are 100% organic. You will mingle around with the locals and enjoy a tropical fruit snack (watermelon, pineapple, mango, melon, maracuyá, papaya, etc.).
  • The tour continues on to the waterfall, considered sacred by the natives. Here you will be able to refresh yourself in the crystal clear waters and revitalize with its energy.
  • You will then visit ACOMUITA women group, the manufacturers of an elaborate organic indigenous chocolate. You’ll take part in the production process and learn their techniques.
  • To finish off, you will enjoy a typical lunch, spiced rice with vegetables, beans, salad with banana vinegar, fried green banana, fried pig or chicken in sauce, fried sweet banana, coffee, and dessert.

Transportation (round-trip to and from the hotel), bottled water, bilingual guide pecialized in Bri-Bri culture, fresh tropical fruits snack, entrance fees to the Kekoldi Reserve, and lunch.

Hat or cap, insect repellent, sneakers or sandals, bathing suit, towel, sun glasses, and camera.

How long is the boat ride?

The catamaran will be going across the Nicoya Gulf, and if there is nothing unusual (Like spotting whales or dolphins), it will take about two hours to get to the island.

How long do we stay in the island?

Four to five hours, unless there is pouring rain and the passengers agree in leaving earlier.

If i do not know how to swim, do you recommend this tour?

Yes! The catamaran is perfectly safe and there are plenty of life vests in case of an emergency.

What we would not recommend to do if you do not know how to swim, is to take the included snorkeling tour.

Are there shops in the island or on the catamaran?

There is one souvenir shop on the island and quite pricey, and there si no store on board of the catamaran. So, our recommendation is to bring everything you need with you.

Can I pay for the extra drinks with credit card?

Yes! All major credit cards are accepted.