The more information you gather before traveling to Costa Rica on vacation, the more open you can be to this new encounter and, of course, the better memories you can take home with you. The first thing to consider when the time of your holiday approaches is what to pack and what can be left at home.

Clothes: San José is an informal and casual city; you can wear jeans, and comfortable walking shoes almost everywhere. Formal attire is only used on special occasions, like in business travels, and exclusive dinners or concerts. The highland areas (Monteverde, Los Angeles) can be cooler, and a sweater is recommended.

If you are traveling to the Chirripó National Park or the area of Savegre, you shall take warm clothes, gloves, and scarves, since you will be sleeping 3500 m (11,070 ft) above sea level with no heating systems in the shelter. For the lowland areas light, loose-fitting shirts and trousers are essential (the weather is hot, sunny, and in some areas, humid).

For beach excursions you will need a “complete” swimsuit. Nude or topless swimming or sun bathing is not common. If you plan to hike in the national parks make sure you bring the appropriate walking shoes. A hat or cap is a must for preventing sunburn.

Don’t forget to bring: a small backpack or travel bag for day tours, pocket knife, flashlight or torch, sandals for the beach, a pair of binoculars to observe animals, insect repellent, sunscreen lotion, insect repellent, and rainwear (umbrellas, raincoats, waterproof shoes). We recommend you bring plenty of film, as it can be expensive in Costa Rica.

The electrical current throughout Costa Rica is the same as US-110 volt AC. Outlets are generally 2-pronged. A voltage converter is necessary in order to use 240/250-Volt AC-powered items.


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What to bring to Costa Rica