Sales Executive

Ana Cristina is one of our Sales Executives. She is a multifaceted person.   She studied Hotel Management and Fashion Design. She has years of experience in Tourism and Design! She worked for 7 years in tour operators both in the operations department and the sales department and 10 years as a fashion designer.

She loves astronomy, is a big fan! So much that in her free time Ana teaches astronomy to people who share their passion, and also to the tour guidesthat want to use this knowledge with the clients on clear nights.

She also enjoys the movies with her 10 years old daughter Carolina.

Her favorite place in Costa Rica is the amazing Tortuguero region. However, in terms of climate she prefers the cool climate of Monteverde. She rather to go to the mountains than the beach, but a combination of both is always great!




(506) 4032-9133

Ana Cristina Murillo

 Sales Executive