Alejandra has more than 18 years of experience with systems. In her study years, she made a combination between art and math, by studying accounting, English, design of graphics, publicity, web, and fashion.

Back in 2000, she started working in tourism, she learned how to use the tourism system, and up to this day she creates projects and gives support to tourism systems.

She likes reading uplifting reading, quoting herself “Generally about my Creator (God)”, Alejandra also loves sharing time with her family and friends, cook for them, and listen to non-commercial music, also, she loves to hike in the mountain and loves dogs! Her favorites are her two Labradors; Sitara and Kiara.

Alejandra favorite area in Costa Rica is Peninsula de Osa! She cannot stop admiring al of God’s creation, and the more remote and natural, and without any human alteration, the better, and the more grateful she is.

Her position name is “Tour Plan Supervisor”, Her responsibility is to give maintenance support to all the tools that the system use, create reports and procedures for each coordinator of every area, train staff and some other administrative chores. Work for improvements based on internal adjustments, parallel to the changes that are taking place at the internal (office) and external (market) levels.




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