Sales Executive

Alain Vega graduated from the Tourism Area of CUC (Cartago University) and Sustainable Tourism in the Technical University of Cartago in 2005.

He has been working in the industry for already 10 years and his experience goes from hotels to travel agencies, passing by rural hostels and even tour guiding when needed.

His wanderlust has taken him through out the West Coast of the U.S., Mexico, all through out Nicaragua and Panama and in Europe he was in Spain, France (Where he lived and worked for 5 months), Italy, Switzerland, England, Czech Republic, Greece, Turkey, Denmark, Holland, Luxembourg, Lichtenstein and Germany.

He backpacked through India and in his next trip he’s heading to Argentina.

Still, he thinks that Costa Rica remains as one of his favorite places to travel through, and in it, Celeste River (Tenorio) and Osa Peninsula. “The more forest and more green, the better!”

So, now you know…  when he talks about traveling… you know he’s been everywhere! Literally speaking!





Alain Vega

Alain Vega

 Sales Executive