Catalina and me in Tamarindo Beach

Catalina and me in Tamarindo Beach

In Costa Rica there are three vacation periods: Summer Vacation: Half December and all January, Easter Week and two weeks in July.

And me, a single mother of a fifteen year old girl, I have to look for options on each of these periods. We have been out of Costa Rica (Our last one was actually Disney World, Orlando), and we have been all throughout the country. But as she grows older I have to have more sophisticated alternatives. Mom talk and mom’s presence is not enough… She doesn’t say it, but a mother knows…

So, this time I chose Tamarindo Beach. A hotel right in front of the ocean, the Tamarindo Diria and a bustling and busy town. A place with malls and cafeterias, fast food and surfers. “A cool place”.

By the end of the vacation I felt so satisfied and so happy with my choice that I think every single parent in the World should know about this as a great choice for teens vacations!

Here are the six reasons I found for Tamarindo to be a great choice!

Reason 1

Walking by beach is nice, safe, comfortable and easy. You can sit for hours seeing the surfers and their classes.

For the teens is great because they can either take sun baths or take a surfing class!

Reason 2

There was a time when Catalina used to ask me “Do they have a kids pool?” … Now the question is: “It’s not a children’s hotel right?”

The Tamarindo Diria has three different environments and one of them is an “Adults only” area.

Reason 3

Food! All types of food! Tamarindo has every single type of food you may think, and probably a dozen types you can’t even imagine.

For us it was so relaxing to simply get out of our hotel room and choose… And a couple of times, we simply decided to go out and eat different choices.

Reason 4

Shopping! Anything you like! So clean and creative! There are so many choices and so much to fall in love with! I almost thought that we would have to buy a second suitcase for all the great stuff we got!

Reason 5

Safety! We felt so safe in Tamarindo! We saw several policemen in town as much as in the beach.

Reason 6

We flew in and we flew out, forty minutes away from San Jose, you get to an airport that is almost at the beach, great lane… But cows on the side! Pura Costa Rica!

Reason 7

Activities! There are so many things to do! Rainforest canopy tours, sailing catamarans, of course the surfing classes with some fantastic waves! And then there are tours like snorkeling, turtle watching, volcanoes, rafting… It is hard to think about an activity that you cannot do from Tamarindo… Other than snow skiing… Of course!

Relaxed and easy we walked, we ate, we shopped and relaxed. Tamarindo proved to be a great vacation choice for anyone, but especially with the pickiest client I have ever had: My own daughter!

This is our own home made video


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Georgina boasts a 25 year experience in the Costa Rican Travel industry. She is a tourism business administrator that started as an inspector and consultant for the I.C.T. (Costa Rica Tourism Board) qualifying hotels, restaurants, convention centers and tourist projects. Later on she worked as an Operations Manager, being responsible for all logistics, human resources, and product development as much as tour services quality control.

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