It’s always a challenge to find new activates that can give us the satisfaction of adventure, knowledge and discover and on top, share it with the family.  Here you can find a list of 10 activities for families in Costa Rica. You can either toss a coin and let fate decide or take the bull by the horns and do them all in your valuable time with your family.

Activities for families in Costa Rica

Hanging Bridges family Adventures

Rainforest Ziplining

Monteverde Canopy Tour

Monteverde Canopy Tour


There are always tons of fun to get out of the zip lines while soaring over treetops and ravines of the wind in the face. This magnificent adventure lets you ride through the air while being attached to cable lines, and always in the safety of a harness. It’s an unforgettable family journey as you soar from platform to platform, you will be learning about the natural setting around you and without a doubt share the experience with a smile on the face.


Pacuare River Rafting Tour

Pacuare River Rafting Tour


This is the type of experience that makes you happier than possessions while building up a team activity in where you experience nature on first hand. You will have to work together while having one of the best rides ever. It comes with the advantage of exercise which is great for health and reduces stress by discovering the magnificent landscapes that the river has to offer, it is always recommended to go for Class II and III rivers like the Sarapiqui River and the Corobici River.

Banana Boat

Banana Boat (Family Activities in Costa Rica)

Banana Boat


Let’s just say there is no way to forget this water sport for anyone. It requires such little and is gives you so much. Life best is always a protagonist of the adventures and laughing is the highlight of the activity. Combine this with the great beaches of Costa Rica, the warm waters and the enjoyment of your family and we have an excellent set up for memory.


Kayaking & Snorkeling on Marino Ballena

Kayaking & Snorkeling on Marino Ballena


Why Snorkeling? Anyone can snorkel, from young kids to elders, if you can swim you can snorkel, and even if you don’t there is always the possibility of using a floating device and enjoy it with the whole family. It’s easy to learn, a few minutes of practice, a mask, and breathing through the snorkel, and you are ready to go. It’s a safe and stress-free activity to do on your vacations with family and friends; it doesn’t take a lot of equipment, and you can do it on any beach. In a country like Costa Rica that has the Pacific and the Caribbean at just a few hours of distance, is the perfect place to practice it.


Dolphin Watch

Whales and Dolphins Watching Tour

Whales and Dolphins Watching Tour


This is an essential trip for both family and any aquatic enthusiast. Watching and learning about the dolphins in their natural habitat is one of the most sublime events in a lifetime, every trip is different and ready to be memorable. There’s more to learn about the water world than we can even think of, imagine kids, teenagers, adults, and elder, watch a dolphin jump while the sunset is on its better.


Volcano Sighting

Volcano Sighting activities for families in Costa Rica

Volcano from the air


One of the most remarkable sites for anyone coming to Costa Rica, the giants that make earth crumble; Volcanoes.  Costa Rica has more than 112 volcanoes, and 6 of them are active. As small as Costa Rica is, you can actually visit two in one day. You can get to the craters, and see them from the air. It is quite extraordinary among the activities for families in Costa Rica.

Central Market of San José

Central Market of San Jose City

Central Market of San Jose City


The best to learn about Costa Rican people and daily culture. San Jose is full of secrets and wonder, magnificent locations like the National Theater, or its many plazas, art festivals and musicians in the street. However, the Central Market it’s a dimension of its own. Like a big labyrinth with fruits and vegetables, mixed with hardware stores, pet shops, and herbs shops.

Thinking about activities for families in Costa Rica, this is one of the reasons why you travel abroad! 



Jade museum

Jade Museum


In San Jose, as small as it is you can find several museums, the Gold Museum under the Plaza de la Cultura (Culture Plaza), the interactive Jade Museum, where you can find all types or artifacts used by the native’s groups before Columbus, great for kids to learn, teenagers to discover, adults to amaze and elder to get interested. Among the activities for families in Costa Rica, the museums have more than you imagine. 

As well, every three months, there is the pleasant Art City Tour, a night when all museums are open and there is transportation between museums, all for free. (Ask our consultants about the dates of this unique events)


Hanging bridges

Hanging Bridges (Activities for families in Costa Rica)

Hanging Bridges are in many regions of Costa Rica


You get to be walking through breathtaking rainforests, seeing trees and birds from above, know the forest as you learning from it from a perfect distance, made for everyone to visit and experience the forest on its natural behavior. There is no better way to have adventure and education fuse together.


Horseback riding

Horseback ride to the waterfall

Horseback ride to the Arenal waterfall


Horseback riding teaches responsibility to those who ride, it helps to be in shape, and you can get a moderate intensity for the whole family to enjoy. Normally a rider can develop better reflexes and great social skills, horses are social creatures just like humans, and being able to communicate with them and interact with every member of the trip it has been shown that it has a positive effect on people. It’s a great way to get transported to places of interest and learn about the places like our ancestors did.