Rancho Naturalista is among the best birding spots in Central America. There are abundant hummingbirds on the big, open upstairs gallery where you can view the distant smoking Turrialba volcano.

Over 430 species of birds have been noted in their private forest reserve and within the local area. You can trek and bird the paths on your own and excellent guides are available. They will maximize your birding experience and can guide the beginning birdwatcher as well as the experienced birder.

  • Rancho Naturalista is a family owned and operated Lodge with 14 clean and comfortable rooms.
  • You can choose a room with balcony views or a private casita with its own veranda.
  • The main building of the lodge is traditional Spanish colonial style, and has a comfortable sitting room with free Wi-Fi available.
  • Rancho Naturalista has a large indoor/outdoor dining area where you can bird while you eat! Rancho Naturalista also features a world famous birding balcony upstairs in the main building of the lodge, where over 250 species have been recorded.
  • All meals are included in your stay and we are happy to cater for any special dietary requirements.
  • Maid service is included within the cost of your stay and laundry service is also available at a modest additional cost.
  • A stay at Rancho Naturalista, unlike many other locations, offers the services of a resident guide, at a very modest rate.


The casitas are strategically situated near to the main lodge and encircled by the Rancho Naturalista beautiful naturally improved garden which attracts an abundance of birds and butterflies.

The Casitas offer you a little more privacy than the main lodge and have views of the surrounding forest. They feature two bedrooms in each, with private bathrooms. They also have private balconies or porches at the edge of the forest. One casita has a small living room for families or friends to enjoy.

The main building of the lodge is traditional Spanish colonial style, and has a comfortable sitting room with free Wi-Fi available.


In the process of implementing the CST



CST_inglesThe Certification for Sustainable Tourism Program – CST – is a product of the Costa Rican Tourism Board and it is regulated by the Costa Rican National Accreditation Commission. The certification is based on an accreditation of a scale of 5 “levels” of sustainable tourism achievement.

CST gives you reliable information regarding companies that make efforts to improve their management and operations to offer a sustainable product. It is also a good tool to differentiate those companies that are truly engaged with sustainable practices, from others that claim to be sustainable but are inconsistent in their actions.


The range of prices scale is based on the following criteria:

$          Refers to Budget accommodation: ranging from $70-100

$$        Medium: $100 – 150

$$$      Upscale: $150 – 200

$$$$    Premium: $200+

These measures are meant to be used as a reference only and they are calculated on double occupancy, standard room, quoted in U.S. Dollars and include a 13% sales tax; on both high and low seasons.

You can always refer to these prices as selection criteria.