Distance from San José

211kms/83miles from San José, around 4 hours driving

Great for:

Birdwatchers. Photographers. Nature lovers. Families with teens and/or children. Seniors. Travelers with Purpose

Because of its high altitude (1440mts/4662ft. above sea level), Monteverde is in no short supply of rainclouds.

It rains consistently here and the humidity is what gives life to the splendid natural surroundings. The moisture often takes the form of mist and gets caught in the upper branches of the huge trees, dripping down on the ground.

This condition gives life to a complex and extensive ecosystem, one that is the home to 400 species of birds, 100 species of mammals, and tens of thousands insect species. In terms of flora, you will find 2500 species among these forests, among which 420 are orchids alone.

The latter is unquestionably the main attraction of the region.

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is a favorite destination for bird watchers, wildlife enthusiasts, and scientists alike. Walking through the reserve, among massive old growth trees covered in moss and with the mist permeating the atmosphere, can be considered a transcendental experience. One of the trails of the reserve leads to a lookout point right at the top of the continental divide where, on clear days, you can be privy to the breath taking view of both of Costa Rica’s coasts: the Caribbean and the Pacific.

These forests are also one of the few remaining habitats of the endangered quetzal. The presence of this bird alone and the opportunities Monteverde offers for those who wish to feast their eyes on it makes visiting well worth your time.

Sunny season from November to May

Rainy season from June to October.

Usually, in the rainy season it only rains in the afternoons

Very windy and January and part of February