Sarapiqui, located at the junction of the town of Puerto Viejo and the Sarapiqui River is a region surrounded by banana plantations and exuberant rainforest.

Historically it has been quite important as goods used to be exported down the Sarapiqui down to and along the San Juan River, eventually reaching the port of Limon and other locations on the Caribbean coast. A lush and green region, Sarapiqui is famous for its local fiestas or outdoor festivals; these include fairs and bull riding as well as livestock and cattle shows.

However, nowadays, Sarapiqui is more known for being one of the best birding locations in Costa Rica, a place where you can easily watch one hundred species of birds in one day. Also, it is an adventures area, a place where you can find great rafting in the Sarapiqui River and fantastic rainforest canopy tours and hikes.

And of course, Sarapiqui is also a region to do agroecotourism, with pineapple, banana and the famous chocolate tours, where you will get into plantations and experience the sustainable process of these agricultural products.

Great For:

Adventurers (Rafting, Canopy Tours, Hikes, etc.), Agroecological tours, photographers, birdwatchers, cultural travelers

High Lights:

Probably the most striking feature of the region of Sarapiqui it’s the river. Although its vast rainforests are also outstanding.

The Sarapiqui River: The river offers incredible class I-IV white-water rafting and kayaking, an adventure that will get your heart pounding. Many outfitters are available as the river provides consistent rapids that attract adventurers from all over the world.

A more tranquil option would be one of the many floating river excursions available, making for a calm ride down the water in order to observe the lush vegetation and scenic wildlife.

Special Features:

Nature, birds, wildlife, the rainforest at its best.