Manuel Antonio Coast


The prized treasure of Costa Rica’s Central Pacific coast, Manuel Antonio National Park is filled with breath taking landscapes of international renown. It is a unique blend of scenic rainforest panoramas, gorgeous white-sand beaches, deep blue lagoons, and extensive mangroves. All these combined make for some of the most bio-diverse habitats in the World.

Over 184 bird and 109 mammal species make their home here. Additionally, Manuel Antonio is one of only two places where you can see all four species of monkeys that reside in Costa Rica (spider, howler, white-faced, and squirrel).

Great For:

Beach lovers, Nature Lovers, Adventurers, Birdwatchers, Photographers, Families, Students, Travelers with purpose.

Most Stricking - Must Do:

Manuel Antonio boasts amazing beaches (not limited to those within the national park), deep blue waters, and a friendly population. Even though it is a great place to relax and unwind, there is much to do here. Hiking within the park is a recommended activity.

There are 3 different hiking trails that vary in elevation, from flat to very steep. You can go hiking through the rainforest, on the lookout for the diverse wildlife that calls this region home. You may be able to spot sloths, birds, and reptiles as well as be able to admire orchids, butterflies, and tropical trees.

Special Features:

Nature, adventures, wildlife, and beach. A perfect cocktail for all ages